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It was a Thursday afternoon, I sat in my favorite little Chinese restaurant. It had been a long week of mental brainstorming, cooking my brain and trying to deciding if I wanted to go forward with my creation of Mo Makeup Mo Beauty. I kept telling myself this will be fun, this is something you love, go ahead and share your passions and love with  fellow beauty enthusiasts like

As I finished my Chicken and Broccoli my waitress came over with my bill and two fortune cookies. I went for those tasty little things like I always do, I opened one up not knowing it was truly going to help better my day. With one half of the cookie already being devoured I read “A thing of beauty will bring you great joy”. I smiled immediately, in my heart I knew to go forward with my dream of making Mo Makeup Mo Beauty.

With such a great first fortune I figured to go for the second cookie to see what  great words would be revealed. “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment”. Now I knew it was time to make Mo Makeup Mo Beauty a reality.

So here we are….


My mission with Mo Makeup Mo Beauty

  • Learn from fellow beauty enthusiasts
  • Educate by sharing, and always giving honest opinions
  • Making makeup and all things beauty related fun


Learning from each other Learning is fun especially when its about something like a new shade of lipstick, foundation or the most outrageous mud mask. Inspiring each other with shared thoughts is a great way to learn and awaken a fellow enthusiasts knowledge of a product. Which can all be done via comments.


Educate by sharing  This blog is meant to be an open-minded place where you can find many detailed product photos, swatches, reviews, tutorials, hauls, un-boxing,and discussions.

Allowing yourself a more detailed and accurate view will help you better understand a product that you have an interest in.


Making makeup & beauty even more fun The most important thing when you are here is that YOU simply enjoy your visit. I look forward to discussions, questions, suggestions, and feedback.

I always get really excited about new products and its always fun when you get to preview something before you actually go out and buy it. With Mo Makeup Mo Beauty you will have a window shopping experience without really going anywhere.


Mo Makeup Mo Beauty your friendly beauty community